Pret A Manger: Nutritional values

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Pret baguette

You can find a Pret on loads of high streets and shopping centres now. Are you wooed by their freshly-prepared sandwiches, salads and soups? It might be worth taking a closer look at the nutritional information...

News just out reveals that a small tomato soup from Pret can contain as much salt as 9 packets of crisps, while their Posh Cheese and Pickle baguette has almost 800 calories and 15.6g of saturated fat - that's as much as a Pizza Express American Pizza or a Big Mac and medium fries. Check our table of Pret goodies to find out what's best and worst for your diet:



Posh Cheese and Pickle baguette

Free-range egg mayo
Avocado & pesto 457
Ham cheese and mustard toastie6961.8g37.5g18g4.25g
Poached salmon & horseradish 3795.4g14.3g2.3g0.6g
Hoisin Duck Wrap43312.7g20.1g2.5g2.75g
Famous all day breakfast
Tomato Soup

Best sandwich: Poached salmon and horseradish
Worst sandwich: Posh Cheese and Pickle baguette 

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Next time I want lunch, I'll give Pret a miss and go straight to McDonalds. Can't believe their sandwiches have so many calories and so much sugar!

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