The Wedding Diet: breakfast & lunch

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Poached egg


- Porridge made with skimmed milk. You can add sweetener or a heaped tsp of honey, or jam.

- A poached egg on two slices of wholemeal or wholegrain bread and low-fat spread, a glass of orange juice

- Low-fat plain or fruit yogurt with a handful of nuts, muesli or dried fruit

- A mashed banana on two slices of wholegrain or wholemeal bread or toast with low-fat spread

- A bowl of wholegrain cereal or muesli

- Baked beans on wholemeal or wholegrain toast and low-fat spread

- Large fruit smoothie


- Grilled sardines or mackerel on 2 slices of wholemeal toast with grilled tomatoes, low-fat spread and wilted spinach

- 2 slices of grilled lean bacon, a grilled tomato, baked beans and grilled mushrooms

- Baked potato with one topping:
A dsp of low-fat grated cheese
150g cottage cheese
Low-fat cream cheese
2 tbsp of baked beans
Low-fat spread
150g Low-fat chilli con carne or veggie chilli

- A tin of soup (choose one that has no more than 400 calories a tin - or make your own!) with a small wholemeal roll and low-fat spread

- Avocado pasta salad

- A salad with low-fat grated cheese or a large boiled egg or a tin of tuna with a dsp of low-fat mayonnaise or salad cream

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- Smoked salmon and low-fat cream cheese in a wholemeal bagel and salad

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