The Wedding Diet: dinner & snacks

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Ribbon jellies


- Glazed chicken fillets with roast potatoes, carrots and peas
- Full-fat Greek yogurt with 2 tsp of honey

- Low-fat cauliflower cheese (swap the cheese for a low-fat version) with a side salad
- 2 thin slices of fruit bread with low-fat spread

- 3 grilled lean sausages with mashed potato made with skimmed milk and low-fat spread
- A banana

- Stir-fried chicken, turkey or beef
- An apple

- Low-fat lasagne/veggie lasagne and a side salad
- Low-calorie chocolate mousse

- Low-fat chilli con carne/veggie chilli with brown rice
- 1 shop bought meringue with a handful of fresh fruit and low-fat cream

- Teriyaki salmon or seared tuna with lime and coriander and runner beans, broccoli and couscous
- An orange


Choose one snack each day from list A and one snack every other day from list B.

List A (choose one snack every day)

- Sugar free jelly - one portion
- Fat-free plain or fruit yogurt - one pot
- 10-12 walnuts or almonds, macadamia or Brazil nuts
- 6 whole dried apricots or figs or prunes
- A small bunch of grapes
- 2 large rice cakes with houmous, low-fat cream cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, marmite or low-sugar jam
- 2 large oat cakes with any of the above toppings

List B (choose one snack every other day)

- 2 finger Kitkat
- 2 Jaffa Cakes
- Fun size Mars, Bounty, Twirl
- Low-fat shop bought fruit fool
- Low-fat crisps
- A medium glass of wine
- A pint of low-calorie lager

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