Muffin top plan: Warm up and cool down stretches

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1. Lying down, stretch your legs and stretch your arms above your head. You should feel your body lengthening. Keep your tummy pulled in and your back flat.

2. Pull your knees in to your chest and rock from side to side. From this position stretch your legs up above you and point your toes to the ceiling.

3. Stand up, pull your tummy in and keep your back straight. Roll your shoulders. Do five repetitions forward and five repetitions back.

4. Still standing up straight, stretch your arms out to the side and flex your hands up and down, repeat five times.

5. Still standing up straight swing your arms round in circles, do five repetitions forward and five repetitions backwards.

6. Bend your right leg behind you and hold your ankle with your right hand so you give your thigh and knee a stretch. Do the same with the left leg using the left hand.

7. Stand hip-width apart, put your hands on your hips and twist from your waist, from side to side. Do six repetitions.

8. Facing forward, turn your head to the right, turn to centre, then turn to the left. Do this twice.

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9. Facing forward tip your head to the right so that your right ear is in line with your right shoulder, come back to facing forward and then do the same with the left side.

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