Day 6: Eat chocolate, lose weight diet

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bar of chocolate
Breakfast: 250 calories
- Mixed fruit salad
- Shake

Snack: 150 calories
- 1 slice Ryvita with sunflower spread and Marmite
- 2 small squares dark chocolate

Lunch: 350 calories
- Shake
- Mixed salad and 2 Ryvitas with 2tsp peanut butter
- 1 orange

Dinner: 500-600 calories
Have 180g (cooked weight) pasta OR a 200g baked potato with one of the daily sauces, plus salad or steamed veg.

- 50g fresh white crabmeat and 1tbsp chilli oil
- Fruit salad and 2 small squares dark chocolate

On the seventh day eat a normal day's meals - but try not to undo all your good work!

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