Holiday panic diets

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Don't dread getting into your bikini - whenever your holiday's booked for, we've got a diet to get you in shape in time.

Eight weeks

Low calorie diet, 2 snacks a day and easy exercises

Six weeks

Woman's Own Lose a Stone in 6 Weeks

Five weeks

Five Factor Diet - five small meals a day

Four weeks

Lose 10lb in 4 weeks
Tone up your body in a month
Woman's Own Apple Diet
Go Lower Diet with ready meals
Canderel shape up plan
Lose 24lbs without going on a diet
Woman's Own Chinese takeaway diet
Get back into your jeans diet
Lose a pound a day

Three weeks

Rosemary Conley's Kick Start Diet

Two weeks

Special K spring/summer challenge
Scarsdale Diet - 20lbs in a fortnight
South Beach Diet - low carb
Bikini detox diet
Rosemary Conley's Hip & Thigh diet

One week

Cabbage soup diet
Never be Hungry Diet
Woman's Own Flatten that Belly Diet
Woman's Own Egg and Grapefruit Diet
7-day Detox Plan
The Wine Diet
Nut and Muesli Diet
Slim-Fast Diet

Five days

Drop a Dress Size in Five Days

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