Muffin top exercises : Donkey kicks

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  • Move into an all-fours position and keep your back straight and your stomach pulled in
  • Kick one leg back and stretch it out straight behind you, hold for five seconds
  • Alternate with each leg and repeat 10 times
  • Make sure you keep your torso held in and you don't arch your back - this will prevent injury and help tone your muffin top.

Hip twist

At the end of the workout it's a good idea to stretch and relax the muscles that you've been using, so try this exercise.
  • Lie on your back and make sure you don't arch your back
  • Take some deep breaths and relax into the position. Keep your arms straight and by your side
  • Keep your left leg straight and raise your right knee
  • Gently twist from the waist so that your right knee is over your left knee and if you can get it to touch the ground - great - if you can't, don't worry, just enjoy the stretch and think about your shrinking muffin top!

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