Fitness DVDs: 10 minute solution

The 10 minute solution brand produces every type of video workout you can think of, covering every area of your body and every level of fitness, in every imaginable way.
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10 Minute Solution

If you're short of time these videos are perfect. They're all easy because the exercises are broken down into small 10-minute chunks, as the name suggests. The idea is to do a little bit every day, but the clever DVDs can be personalised to your needs, and go on for up to an hour.

Their bestsellers are the pilates, kickboxing and dance cardio titles, but they've also got videos covering target toning, carb and calorie burning and 'blasting off' belly fat.

So if you're usually rushed off your feet and have something specific you want to work on, have a look at 10 Minute Solution's massive range.

Target Toning is available from Amazon for £3.98, Fat Blasting Dance Mix also costs £3.98 and the rest aren't far off.

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