Get legs beach ready: Dinners & desserts

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Vegetable curry
DINNERS: 300-400 calories
Add 3tbsp steamed rice or couscous to any of these dishes.
- Lamb or pork chop, glazed with honey and orange juice, grilled, mashed carrots and swede, steamed broccoli
- 100g poached salmon served with spinach and carrots
- 100g chicken, stir-fried, with 2tbsp grapefruit segments added. Serve on stir-fried veg
- Mixed vegetable and bean curry with 3tbsp steamed rice. Tomato and cucumber salad
- Salmon fillet, pan-fried with 1tbsp almonds. Serve on 3tbsp green lentils. Mixed green salad
- Lemon chicken escalope - shallow-fry a flattened chicken breast, top with lemon juice and zest, and serve with 3 vegetables

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Desserts: 100-150 calories
- 3tbsp any stewed fruit (no sugar) with 1tbsp yogurt
- Apple and 4 squares plain chocolate
- Microwaved banana with 1tbsp yogurt
- Small pot Ambrosia creamed rice

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