Denise Welch: Lymphatic face type

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Denise Welch
Puffy eyes and sallow, congested skin are typical. You'll look and feel better with a diet and skincare that eliminates fluid.

Denise Welch

Eve Taylor says: Denise's ears tell us she is a determined character, and the frown lines between her brows reveal that she likes her own space.

That horizontal line between nose and lip means she's good at group hugs but not so much one-to-ones. Lymphatics need to keep their fluid retention under control - they should ditch the salt, avoid sugary foods and eat before 7pm.

Dry body-brushing before showering will help reduce fluid, while massaging with a cellulite oil will help elimination and improve skin texture.

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Good to try: Eve Taylor Specifics 302 Cellulite oil blend, formulated to help tackle cellulite build-up and aid fluid elimination.

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