Coleen Nolan: Liver face type

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Coleen Nolan
Frown lines are your biggest giveaway. You tend to get irritated and put on weight quite easily, and your skin is often congested.

Coleen Nolan

Her face reveals signs of a hill-and-valley girl, all emotional highs and lows, plus a fair bit of grief and trauma - you just long to give Coleen a gentle hug.

She's also part lymphatic, which means that while she's lost a lot of weight, she's going to have a real struggle keeping it off.

Red meat, dairy, alcohol and coffee don't like her, so she should keep well away from them. She should also up her intake of nitrate-rich leafy greens, as there are signs in her face that her energy is flagging.

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Good to try: Liver types should work on their legs. Eve suggests pressing cellulite oil into the thighs and backs of legs to help improve drainage. Eve Taylor Body Oil No 11 Balancing helps prevent that orange-peel look.

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