Carol McGiffin: Lymphatic face type

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Guess how old these celebs are?
Puffy eyes and sallow, congested skin are typical. You'll look and feel better with a diet and skincare that eliminates fluid.

Carol McGiffin

Carol doesn't suffer fools gladly. She has an addictive personality - addicted to both work and play.

She doesn't like anyone in her personal space and always has to be the driver, not a passenger. I think giving her a treatment would be tricky, as she'd probably want to know everything I was doing!

Carol has the slightly sallow skin that's typical of a lymphatic type, so she should use skincare that has gentle antiseptic qualities to help clear impurities. Dry body-brushing would help warm things up a bit.

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Good to try: Brighten skin with Eve Taylor Purifying Wash with coconut, lemongrass and tea-tree oil.

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The article advising apple cider vinager was good. I do this 3 times a day but please advise people to drink it with a straw as the vinager seriously destroys the veneer on cosmetic teeth.

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