Get your waist back diet: Day 1 & 2

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Cauliflower in three cheese sauce
Include three dairy foods every day - cheese, yogurt or fromage frais. If your waist is over 38 inches, expect to lose at least 5 inches in three weeks.

Day 1
- Mixed fruit platter of a banana, mango strip, pineapple and berries
- 40g stick of low-fat cheese (like Edam), apple and grapes
- Cheese salad with 40g cheese
- Banana cooked in the microwave, with 1tbsp plain yogurt

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Day 2
- As Day 1
- 40g slice of cheese between two multigrain Ryvitas, with two plums or nectarines
- Cauliflower cheese, using 40g grated cheese in the sauce. Top with sliced tomatoes and grill to brown
- Fresh fruit salad

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