The binge diet: Desserts & drinks

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Choc ice
150 cals
Eat 2 hours after dinner
- Large mixed fruit salad
- Sliced banana with 2tbsp low-fat custard
- Small chocolate ice

200 cals
- 1 slice wholegrain toast with 1dsp peanut butter or jam
- Apple and banana
- 2 Snack A Jacks rice cakes (cheese or choc chip)
- Palmful of peanuts and a few grapes

Late snacks
150 cals
- 2 cream crackers with 1 Kraft Dairylea Triangle
- Light Philadelphia Snack dippers
- All-milk cappuccino with sugar
- Pot of fruit yogurt (standard size, usually 120g)

To drink
- Unlimited tea or coffee with a little milk; water or flavoured calorie-free water
- 125ml glass of wine with dinner if you fancy

5 foods for inner calm
The key to sleeping well is the chemical tryptophan, found in certain foods. These are the best...
- Warm milk - with 1tsp honey to help release the chemical
- Chicken
- Soya beans, tofu
- Potatoes
- Baked halibut

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