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Stomach and tape measure
There are so many different gizmos and gadgets on the market claiming they can help us lose weight, tone up or even remove stretch marks from boobs - but do any of them really work?

Our expert panel of Goodtoknow testers have tried loads of 'miracle' products for us and given us their honest opinion. Our testers have also tried some free exercise ideas to find out if you really need to fork out any money to get your dream body.

Just click on the picture of your 'problem area' to read all the reviews and to find the right path to your perfect figure.

So what do you want help with, tummy, calves, boobs, bum, arms or thighs? Click on the pic!

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Flat tummyToned calves
Pert boobsFirm bottom
Toned armsThin thighs

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