The brain-boosting diet: Breakfast & lunch

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Spinach, egg and two tomato salad
Choose one of these:
- Brain-boosting shake made from 1 banana, 1tbsp soya or dairy yogurt, 1tsp honey, 250ml soya or dairy milk, 1dsp ground almonds
- Sugar-free muesli, semi-skimmed milk, topped with half an apple, grated
- 2 eggs, scrambled, 1 bowl fruit salad with banana

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Mixed salad with a serving of protein. Choose one of these:
- 2 slices any cold meat (ham, beef, etc.)
- Small chicken breast, cold
- Small tin tuna fish
- 1 hard boiled egg
- 28g Roquefort cheese, 1 sliced pear and 6 walnuts on spinach salad
- 2tbsp bacon bits and an egg
- 2tbsp cottage cheese

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