The Sensa Diet

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Sensa diet sprinkles
The Sensa Diet claims to help you lose weight without you having to diet or stop eating naughty foods like cake and chips.

Apparently, all you have to do is dust Sensa 'sprinkles' on your food and you'll eat less and therefore lose weight.

In a test in The States, 1,436 men and women used Sensa and lost on average a whopping 30.5lbs (2 stone 2lbs).

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The craze hit America in April and is due over here before the end of 2009. But, despite its impressive claims and popularity, not everyone thinks the product a healthy, long-term solution way to weight loss.

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Sensa Review

Sensa does the same thing. The "free trial" is just a trick for them to get your credit card number. After that they start billing you 89.95 until you cancel.

Dee Sims

Please anyone who is ordering ANY free samples of slimming products from USA be warned to read the small print FIRST! I applied for a free sample of Acai Berry after reading a similar blog last year and ended up receiving and being charged for continuing supplies and despite ringing them to cancel and being assured it would be, I got about 4months supply until my credit card company eventually stepped in. So please read carefully before giving credit card details - thinking it's for P&P because they post out the first months supply before you've received the free sample. Don't learn the costly hard way,as I did. Dee (pensioner)

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