The brain-boosting diet: Dinner

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Vegetable stir-fry
Pasta: 180g (cooked weight) penne pasta, Fusilli, spaghetti or linguini with a simple oil dressing. Choose one of these:
- 1tbsp chilli oil and 2tbsp chilli beans
- 1tbsp walnut oil and 6 crushed walnuts
- Unlimited asparagus, broad beans and peas with 1tbsp olive oil
- 2tbsp sundried tomatoes in olive oil with 6 olives
- 1tbsp white crabmeat and 1tbsp chilli oil

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Potato: 200g (raw) baked sweet potato with as much salad or vegetables as you like. Choose one of these:
- Mixed salad with tomatoes and peppers
- Stir-fried mixed veg

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