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From reducing your risk of getting breast cancer to speeding up your recovery, we've got advice from experts and tips from other women who've been through it.

5 ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer
Although your age is the most significant factor in getting breast cancer, there are still ways you can lower your chances of getting it and steps to take to check you are cancer-free.

Breast Cancer Recovery Diet
After being diagnosed with breast cancer, cooking and food may be the last things on your mind, but a healthy diet is crucial, particularly if you are about to start treatment. Here are some expert tips for maintaining a good, balanced diet.

Tips for battling breast cancer
You might find yourself struggling with the side effects of breast cancer. These tips from women who have suffered from it will help you cope with the day-to-day strains and stresses.

Foods to beat cancer
The best foods you can incorporate into your diet to stay healthy - some can even help reduce the risk of cancer.

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