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Breast cancer often appears in the news - from studies that tell us what could cause it to info on new treatments. Here's some of the stories we've reported on at goodtoknow over the last few years.


September 2009: Asda drops Jordan from breast cancer campaign

May 2009: Cancer could be prevented by losing weight

March 2009: Breast cancer linked to bad diet in childhood


November 2008: Breast cancer and lack of sleep

October 2008: Pain killers can reduce your risk of breast cancer

June 2008: Women with breast cancer can expect a normal lifespan

April 2008: Trisha's battle with breast cancer

April 2008: Cynthia Nixon's battle with breast cancer

April 2008: Breastfeeding and breast cancer protection link

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March 2008: Drinking wine could double the risk of breast cancer

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