Do I have ordinary flu or swine flu?

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Swine flu information leaflet online
Q: Will the Flu Service be able to tell me if I have ordinary flu or swine flu so I don't worry?
A: The people you speak to are trained to identify cases of swine flu. However, the symptoms of seasonal flu are similar and so there's likely to be some overlap with other common flu. And as swine flu becomes more common, a higher proportion of flu-like illnesses will be swine flu. Will you call the swine flu pandemic service?

Q: Could eating pork and pork products give me swine flu?
A: Can I feed my kids sausages? Can my husband still have his weekend fry-up? Yes, it's fine to continue to eat pork products, as long as these have been cooked to a temperature of 160°F which kills most bacteria, including the virus that causes swine flu. In other words, sausages and bacon are fine to eat.

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Q: Will my seasonal flu jab protect me from swine flu?
A: This swine flu is a never-seen-before combination of swine, avian and human flu so nobody is fully protected against it. Seasonal flu jabs can offer some protection against swine flu's human virus but doesn't protect against the swine and avian components and so you'll be better protected having the specific swine flu vaccine.

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