Will swine flu spread in winter?

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Q: Am I more likely to catch swine flu in winter?

A: With these kinds of pandemics, it's helpful to look to the past to see how they play out over time. And this tells us that the current viral strain is likely to spread more in colder months and could even change into a stronger strain.
1 in 3 could get swine flu this winter

Q: Can I still go to work and pick my kids up from school if I, or someone I know, has been in contact with someone diagnosed with swine flu?

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A: The good news is yes you can, as long as you don't have flu-like symptoms yourself. If you're feeling well you can continue your daily routine as normal. If you develop the symptoms of swine flu, stay at home and call the flu pandemic helpline. Worried about coming into contact with someone who might have been around someone with swine flu? If there's been a confirmed case at your kids' school, you can still come into contact with other pupils' parents as long as they aren't ill themselves, so don't worry.

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