Christmas pre-tox diet plan - lunches

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Mackerel and chickpea salad

Try and have two fish, two meat and three vegetarian lunches a week. Our superfood lunches are packed with goodness and low in fat and calories.

Lunch is the easiest meal of the day to slip up on if you're trying to eat healthily, as lots of us grab a bite to eat when we're on the run or we skip lunch and pick on crisps and biscuits throughout the afternoon.

The meals in this plan all take around 15 mins to throw together and can be prepared the night before, so work well if you take your lunch into work or just don't have much time to prepare food during the day at home.

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  • This chicken and tomato couscous dish takes just 10 mins to make and is packed full of flavour. The kids will love it too.
  • Our mackerel and chickpea salad (pictured) is full of omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce the risk of heart disease and are also said to aid concentration.
  • At only 311 calories a portion, our salmon and broad bean salad is tasty and filling. Buy ready-cooked salmon fillets to save time if you're eating this dish cold.
  • A spinach, egg and two tomatoes salad is a great veggie lunch full of iron, vitamin C and protein.
  • Another delicious meat-free option is this mushroom, lentil and wild rice salad. Mushrooms are a great source of potassium, which helps lower blood pressure and vitamin E which is great for the skin.
  • Don't let the fact that this tomato soup is cold put you off, gazpacho is crammed full of vitamin C and the shallots and lime juice give it a real kick. There's also a theory that eating superfoods like tomatoes raw means more of the vitamins and minerals stay in their purest form.
  • This tuna and bean salad is cheap, healthy and filling, what more could you want?

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