The Leptin Diet - The five rules

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Exercise also gives your metabolism a boost, so make sure you're keeping active.

There are five simple rules you need to follow in order to make your body receptive to the hormone leptin, which helps you realise when you're really hungry or just over-eating.

Rule 1

Finish your dinner at least three hours before going to bed and leave 11-12 hours between breakfast and your evening meal.

Rule 2

Eat three meals per day, allowing 5-6 hours between and don't snack at all.

Rule 3

Don't eat large meals. Eat healthily and stop eating before you get really full. It takes the brain 10 minutes to realise you've eaten enough.

Rule 4

Eat a high protein breakfast.

Rule 5

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Cut back on the carbs. Don't stop eating them entirely, but don't overload at lunchtime as this may lead to afternoon snacking.

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