The Hypnodiet quiz

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1. Do you think about food when you are not hungry?
2. Do you sometimes skip meals, as you think it will help you to lose weight?
3. Are you unhappy with your body shape and size?
4. Are you anxious at the thought of someone seeing you naked?
5. Are you afraid of becoming fat?
6. Do you ever avoid going out because you feel fat and unattractive?
7. Do you weigh yourself more than once a day?
8. Do you feel out of control in that you eat a whole packet of biscuits rather than just one or two?
9. Are you constantly changing from one fad diet to another and become impatient when a diet doesn't seem to be working fast enough?
10. Do you ever eat in secret?
11. Do you measure your happiness by how slim you are and how little you can eat without feeling nauseous?
12. Do you avoid events when you know food will be there?
13. Do you binge and then feel anxious and bad about yourself?
14. Have you ever tried dieting methods in desperation, which you would feel too embarrassed to tell anyone about, such as laxatives, enemas, vomiting, diet pills, gastric bands, and so on?
15. Do you become anxious and feel guilty sometimes after you have eaten a treat?
16. Are you convinced that you will never be slim and happy?

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Score 1 for each 'yes' answer
Total score:
Over 4: Your relationship with food is becoming unbalanced.
Over 8: You're on your way to becoming obsessed with food.
Over 15: Your emotional well-being is becoming severely affected.

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