Spring weight loss

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It's that time of year again. The weather's warming up, winter coats are being packed away and strappy tops and skirts are being dragged out of bottom drawers.

But are our bodies ready for the exposure?! If you've still got your extra layer of winter wobble, don't worry. We've got loads of spring diets and exercise plans to help you get your dream body.

Just click on a picture below to find out more about the diet, weight loss plan or exercise routine to get in shape this season.

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Special K Spring ChallengeHoliday panic diets
Slim in time for your holidayStaying slim through summer
Eat seasonally - Nordic DietGet fit with the family
Shape up for summer clothesBikini detox diet
Banish celluliteDetox diet
Celebs in bikinis10 ways to a flat belly
Get legs beach-ready10 ways to tone your bottom
Sort out your muffin top10 ways to a flat belly
Walk your way slimLook great in your t-shirt
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