Whittle Your Waist Diet: Days 1-4

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Choose one each day
  • 30g Special K cereal with a cup of skimmed milk.
  • 1 bowl of mixed grapefruit and orange segments.
  • 1 pot fat-free yoghurt with 1dsp of sultanas, a sprinkling of wheatgerm and half a banana, sliced.

Day 1


  • 1 banana, low-fat cottage cheese and grapes.
  • Grated cheese salad (60g) and 1 hard-boiled egg.
  • 2 scrambled eggs on 1 slice of unbuttered granary bread.


  • Moroccan chicken salad with 2tbs of couscous.
  • Grilled fillet steak with salad, tomatoes and mushrooms.
  • Quorn in black pepper and lemon, 2 boiled potatoes, spinach and carrots.


  • Fruit jelly with raspberries and 1dsp low-fat plain yoghurt.

Day 2


  • Tuna salad with peas and sweetcorn.
  • Yoghurt smoothie with low-fat plain yoghurt, 1tsp honey
  • Pine nut and avocado salad.


  • Pork medallions with apple rings and fresh green vegetables.
  • Pan-fried chicken escalope with added chilli oil, stir-fried vegetables
    and a dash of chilli sauce.
  • Vegetarian chilli with kidney beans, served with rice.


  • 1 small pot of low-fat rice pudding with stewed apple.

Day 3


  • High-fibre fruit salad: 6 prunes, 6 dried apricots and 1 banana topped off with a pot of low-fat plain yoghurt.
  • 1 pot of low-fat cottage cheese with 1 banana
  • 1 pot of low-fat cottage cheese with Parsnip or vegetable crisps, 1 apple.


  • Yoghurt-baked chicken, served on Lemon-flavoured rice with salad.
  • Fried tofu, with vegetables stir-fried in a pan with1dsp low-fat crème fraiche,
    served with rice.
  • Mixed vegetable chilli with grated cheese


  • 2 poached or tinned pears, 2 tbs low-fat yoghurt

Day 4


  • Bacon and walnut salad, 1 slice of granary bread and either 1 apple, 1 stick of cheddar or some grapes.
  • 300ml asparagus, leek and potato or carrot and coriander soup. Handful of croutons


  • Lemon paprika chicken with Salad or stir-fried vegetables.
  • Yoghurt-baked chicken with 1 mashed parsnip and peas.
  • Stir-fried vegetables with toasted Pine nuts and 100g penne pasta


  • Stewed fruit with yoghurt.

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