Shape your legs diet plan

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Exercises to slim thighs
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How it works

Yes, we know what it's like the first time you get your legs out! Monica Grenfell's high-protein diet will target legs and burn fat and you will see results in as little as two weeks - helping you lose 5lbs and 4 inches from your thighs.

The rules

1. Eat 1,200 -1,400 calories a day. Use the nutrition labels on packaging to guide you.
2. Have 300 calories each for breakfast and lunch, two snacks of 100 calories each and 400 calories for dinner. Don't worry too much if you're a few calories over on any of the meals, just make sure you don't have more than 1400 daily.
3. Eat 50g protein every day.
4. Eat four portions oily fish every week.
5. Have a large portion of watercress every day.
6. Eat 2-3 bowls of high-antioxidant blueberries, prunes, or strawberries a day.
7. Have three Brazil nuts a day - high in the anti-ageing mineral selenium.
8. Have two portions of fat-free milk or yogurt every day.
9. Eat two salads with antioxidant-rich orange vegetables or fruit every day - orange and yellow peppers, carrots, melon etc.

Your Protein Choices    Grams Protein    Calories
1 chicken breast                      38g                 190
½ pt skimmed milk                    10g                 97
120 fat-free yogurt                   6g                  65
120g soya yogurt                     6g                   86
100g cottage cheese                15g                 110
1 small steak                           42g                 250
2 eggs                                    6g                  75
150g tofu                                11g                 112
2tbsp Chickpeas                       25g                 80
150g tuna                               25g                140
150g salmon                            24g                250
6 sardines                               133g              105
30g hard cheese                       8g                  120

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