Alcohol driving limits

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Three glasses of wine
The Government has been advised to lower the alcohol limit for driving, which means you can only  drink around one pint of beer (Fosters is around 2.2 units a pint) if you want to drive. Confusingly, everyone processes alcohol at different rates - your weight, height, metabolism and even how much you had to eat that day all contribute to how you process alcohol.

The new alcohol limit for driving is 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, while current laws state we can drive with up to 80mg per 100ml of blood in our system.

We've pulled together a round-up of some of your favourite drinks and converted them into units, so you can see what the rules will mean for you.

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Find out how many units in your favourite alcoholic drink

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Brilliant idea!!!!! The drink driving limit should be nil. I would not even contemplate driving with any alcohol in my system, even the smallest amount can impair your judgement, why drink atall if you are going to be driving My licence is far to important to me to risk losing it just for the sake of one or two drinks lol!!!!!!!!!!!

chris moss

the problem is english drinking laws are archaic,i can remember when the pubs did not open until 7.00,until 10.30, then 12.00.until 3.00,and they did not let you take anyone in under the age off 18,now its 14 if you are having a meal,on the continent there drinking laws have always been that you could take your family into bars regardless off age no wonder there is so much trouble in pubs,in Wales pubs were not open on sundays,no wonder the country is in such a state with drunkeness.

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