12 ways to thinner thighs: Cycling

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Cycling is great for losing weight
Whether you go out into the countryside for a bike ride or you ride an exercise bike, cycling is great for losing weight and slimming your thighs. Cycling also gives you really shapely calves too.

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If you can do 30 minutes a day you'll see the weight drop off and you'll have thinner thighs in a month.

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I can say this because I have cycled 30mins most days for the last 3 months but I haven't lost weight and my thighs are the same size, pretty much (like I say.. it only does this if you have a lower calorie intake-burning ratio than before). But it is fantastic aerobic exercise. Really, really good for health, both mental and physical, and I will recommend it to anyone.


But only if you still don't eat more than you burn off.... just have to put that caveat in there. Plus, you can't really 'spot-target' areas to lose weight from.

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