12 ways to thinner thighs: Ankle weights

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If you don't have time to exercise you could always invest in some ankle weights. They come in a variety of weights but it's best to start off low at 1 or 2 kilos.

Strap them to your ankles and go about your daily life - although it's not a good idea to drive with them, but they can turn housework into a great workout.

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You can also adjust them so they fit over your knees or thighs to work on that area of the leg. Wearing weights on your ankles will still help you tone your thighs, though.

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Jacquie Platt

If you haven't got ankle weights (the strap-on kind) try wearing heavy walking boots to exercise in. You could also put coins (or something similarly heavy) in a sock and tie them round your ankles. Whatever you do, don't try wearing dumbbells!


There is no way of strapping THOSE weights around you ankles!! I have tried strap weights around my ankles and as a warning, be very careful walking down the stairs with them on!! Your ankles are "fatter" than your used to and can easily cause you to fall.

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