How to really beat head lice

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Girl having her hair inspected for head lice
Struggling to get rid of head lice and nits? It's a problem that all mums come across with their kids at school. Apparently 8% of children in the UK have head lice at any one time. Just thinking about it makes our heads itch!

To help you beat those horrible bugs, we've asked you to test some of the products that claim to get rid of nits.

We've also got your top tips on preventing head lice and the homemade treatments that really work.

The facts on head lice

  • Head lice are tiny insects without wings. They live near the scalp and feed off blood.
  • Head lice lay eggs which attach to the hair about 5mm away from the scalp. These eggs are called nits.
  • All children (and adults) can get head lice - it doesn't matter how clean the hair is, head lice just like to live somewhere warm.
  • Itching isn't an early sign of the lice - if your child has an itchy head they may have had head lice for up to 3 months.
  • Head lice spread by head-to-head contact (which children get a lot of when they're playing together). They rarely spread from something like a hat, because they die very quickly when they're away from the scalp.
  • Research suggests that head lice are becoming resistant to traditional treatments that contain pesticides, so more treatments that smother the head lice are appearing.

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I tried Rid and Nix and it did not work. Apparently lice are becoming immune to some of the over the counter products like the ones I used above. I was told by my child's school nurse to use Fairy Tales Hair Care's lice treatment called Lice Goodbye. It got rid of the live lice by killing them right away and it loosened up the eggs so they are easy to comb out. I highly reccomend their lice treatment. I also tell parents that if they want to keep their child from getting lice they have to use preventative products that will help keep them lice free. I use Fairy Tales Hair Care's Rosemary Repel products, they have kept my children lice free since their last infestation even though their School continues to battle with outbreaks.

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