Have I got bed bugs?

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Bed bugs
Think you might have bed bugs? They're very small, but they're fairly easy to find if you know what you're looking for.

What do bed bugs look like?

An adult bed bug is 5mm long and is a dark brown or reddish-brown colour. They look quite similar to an apple pip!

If you're looking for bed bugs you should also keep an eye out for their droppings and their skin (pictured above).

If you've been bitten by bed bugs you might also see spots of blood on your sheets.

If your room has quite a bad bed bug infestation you might notice an unpleasant almond smell.

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Where do bed bugs live?

Bed bugs like to live in warm places where they can feed easily, which is why they often live in beds. Check under your pillows, around the seams of your mattress and around the bedhead.

They also often live near the bed. For example, they might be behind skirting boards, in cracks in the wall and in amongst clutter on the floor.

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The name bed bugs is a bit misleading because they can just as easily live in sofas and have recently been found in shops too.

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If you've been bitten by bed bugs you might also see spots of blood on your sheets.

Tenants Rights

Bed bug infestations are growing nationwide. Find out how you can protect yourself from buying a home, townhouse, or condominium that is has a bed bug problem. Learn what the law says and what sellers have to reveal to you, and how to identify if the property you want to buy has bed bugs.

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