A cure for the common cold?

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Common cold
It's that time of year when everyone is starting to feel the symptoms of coughs and colds - that horrible tired, achey feeling along with sore throats, headaches, runny noses and more!

But the good news is that scientists think they're finally on the way to finding a cure for the common cold.

A group of scientists found that adding tiny studs of silver to bacteria meant the bacteria was more successful at beating infections. In tests, it was found that this method could stop people from getting the norovirus (winter vomiting virus). The scientists are hopeful that this technique could be applied to other illnesses, like coughs and colds.

A lot more research is needed, so for now we'll just have to stick out those unpleasant symptoms - but there are ways to help your body avoid infections.

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Give these 10 simple tips to avoid coughs and colds a go and help yourself to beat the bugs!

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