Is my child overweight?

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Obesity in children
It's surprisingly difficult to tell whether a child is overweight

You can check out whether they are a healthy weight for their height and age by using one of the Child BMI calculators such as the one on the MEND Programme website. Talk to your GP or school nurse or health visitor if you are concerned.

Should I talk to my child about their weight?

The answer to this question will depend on how old your child is and what level of understanding they have about weight-related issues.

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Younger and less overweight children may not need to know that they are overweight – you can simply make changes to your family's lifestyle that will benefit their health. Older and more overweight children are likely to need professional input to help them safely manage their weight and so may need to understand why you are taking them to see someone. Programmes such as MEND provide a positive and safe environment for children and families to learn about the importance of looking after their health and have been proven to help children become less overweight.

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