How to talk to kids about their weight

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Child obesity
How do I start the conversation?

Ideally, talking about the importance of making healthy choices should be part of everyday family life. But since this is not always possible, here's how to create a positive way of talking about the problem.

Prepare the ground

Make use of news stories and magazine articles to talk about the importance of being healthy for everyone. It may be helpful to do this for a couple of weeks before raising the issue more directly.

Emphasise health not attractiveness

Be careful not to link being 'thin' with being successful or attractive - challenge these messages when you see them in the media. Make sure they understand that - for you - weight is simply a health issue.

Be a healthy role model

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Make sure that your child sees you making healthy lifestyle choices and looking after your own body. Don't put yourself down about your own size in front of your children or they will learn to do the same.

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