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Weight Watchers is one of the most famous diets around, and they caused quite a stir at the beginning of the year when they announced they were ditching their well-known points plan in favour of a new plan based on ProPoints.

For an outsider, this might sound like a small change, but lots of long-standing members of Weight Watchers were confused by the change, as they'd got to know the old system so well.

However, Weight Watchers insists that the new system is based on the newest science and takes into account how the body processes food. They say that weight gain is down to a lot more then just counting calories, so their new plan works out points based on carbohydrate, protein, fibre and fat.

At the moment, Weight Watchers has 2 million members in the UK and it's been supported by lots of experts, who say that the weekly weigh-ins and support are a great way to keep people on track with weight loss.

What is the Weight Watchers ProPoints plan?

ProPoints is the latest plan from Weight Watchers. It's similar to old Weight Watchers plans as all foods and drinks still have a points value. It also still encourages its members to do exercise.

However, the points value of all food and drink has changed, and the amount of points you get each day has also changed. If you've been a member of Weight Watchers in the past, you'll find that the new plan is quite different.

How can I do the Weight Watchers ProPoints plan?

You can be an online member or you can go to regular Weight Watchers meetings.

If you choose to be an online member, the Weight Watchers website has all sorts of resources to help members - you can track how many ProPoints you've got left, track the exercise you've done and calculate the amount of ProPoints in whatever you're eating.

If you decide to go to meetings, you'll get weighed and discuss different issues with your leader, such as why you're overeating, strategies for dealing with special events like birthdays and easy ways to fit exercise into your lifestyle.

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What happened to the Weight Watchers Discover plan?

The ProPoints plan has overtaken the Discover plan, so if you join Weight Watchers now, all the material you get will be based on the ProPoints plan. The information on the website is all up-to-date as the ProPoints plan too.

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