The Fast Track Diet: Myth Busters

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Monica Grenfell
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6 Myth Busters

Thin women have a naturally high metabolism
False Moving a 15st body takes more energy than moving an 8st body, so an overweight woman has a higher metabolism and burns up to 50 per cent more calories than a lighter woman.

Your fitness makes a difference
True The blood supply to your muscles burns calories all the time. So the more muscle mass you have, the harder your body is working even when resting.

Dieting slows your metabolism
False Even if it fluctuates while losing weight, your metabolism returns to normal once you reach a steady weight. If you put the weight on again it's not that your metabolism has changed but because your lighter body needs less daily energy - about 12 fewer calories a day for each kg you lose. Therefore if you lose 6kg (1st) you need 2000 fewer calories a month.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
True Eating breakfast brings the metabolism to life, but it doesn't actually boost it any more than normal.

Spicy foods boost the metabolism
False While spicy food raises your temperature and makes you sweat, it doesn't have any long-term impact on metabolism.

Fidgeting helps you lose weight
True People who fidget, cross and uncross their legs constantly, knit or do tapestry, get up and down constantly, and keep busy can use up to 400 calories a day.


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