The All New Facelift Diet: Days 3 & 4

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Woman in bikini eating fruit, on the detox diet
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Day 3

3 eggs, scrambled, on one slice of granary bread.
Grapefruit and orange segments

Sweet and sour mixed salad with tuna
Make a large salad of red and yellow peppers, cut small, watercress, 5 sliced strawberries, 6 halved black grapes, ½ orange, segmented, slices of cucumber and a sliced celery stick, 6 broken walnuts and 3 halved baby tomatoes. Add a small can of drained tuna and mix thoroughly with 1tbsp vinaigrette dressing.

Oven-roasted salmon fillet with roasted baby tomatoes and a mash of sweet potato and carrot with swede.


Day 4

30g oats soaked in 200ml skimmed. Add 1dsp wheatgerm, drizzle honey, grated apple and tbsp plain low fat yogurt

Mozzarella and tomato salad with croutons
Slice 3 large plum tomatoes and layer with 60g sliced mozzarella on a bed of salad leaves. Drizzle 1tsp pesto over and sprinkle with a handful of garlic and black pepper croutons (bought).

200g Baked potato with small can of tuna or 100g prawns with 1tbsp of low fat mayonnaise. Serve on plenty of salad.


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