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The Angel at No.33 Polly Williams

What's The Angel at No.33 about? After Sophie, a fun-loving 30-something mum is run over by a bus, she continues to watch over her husband Ollie, son Freddie and best friend Jenny as they all adjust to life after her death. There's so much she wants to communicate to them: After all, her husband once watered a houseplant for a year before realising it was plastic and Jenny is about to get married and there's something Sophie desperately needs to tell her. How will they cope without her?

goodtoknow says: The Angel at No.33 is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Sophie's narration is witty, intimate and never sappy, and Williams manages to find humour even in the darkest moments. Sophie's descriptions of the little things she misses made us feel grateful for the simple things in our own lives.

Rating: 9/10

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Publisher: Headline Review

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Rach A James

Thank you so much for recommending The Angel at No 33! What a great book. Anyone put off by the subject matter should just take a deep breath and dive on in because they won't regret it! Following the death of the wonderful, bright, larger than life wife and mother Sophie her husband Ollie becomes eligible bachelor number one, especially amongst Sophie's friends! Sophie watches on - she doesn't feel dead and really could do with a good cup of tea! Sophie's best friend Jenny becomes more and more involved with the life of Ollie and 6 year old Freddie. She really is the best kind of friend - even taking Freddie swimming when she hates public pools, exposing her body to the indignities of a swimsuit AND knows it will turn her highlights green! Jenny's own life is far from straightforward and this book explores, in often the funniest way possible given the subject matter, the lives of those left behind, the impact of losing Sophie and how the agony of loss can lead to something beautiful and heartwarming. An amazingly upbeat book which still managed to bring a tear to my eye on more than one occasion. Thoroughly recommended summer read which will have you looking for more titles by Polly Williams.

Christine Dowds

I have just finished this book and absolutely loved it,the story is sad but has really funny parts to it which you can relate to and put yourself in that situation and show humour can be found even when death has occured,jenny cleaning out her friends underwear drawer ,i could just imagine thats how i would be in that situation feeling like i was intruding but there because you were such a close friend.its the first book i have read by polly williams but will certainly look out for others,thanking myself i am lucky to be alive and cherish my son and husband close as you never know whats round the corner.thoroughly enjoyable read which i have now passed on and would recomend to all my friends:))


I loved this book! I was in tears nearly 30 pages in and although it is a sad story and makes you reflect on what is important in life it is also funny and uplifting. I did expect more from Sophies point of view but enjoyed it all the same. It does make you wonder 'what would I do??' if I was in Jenny's position, thankfully I'm not! And I couldn't predict the ending, which is always a plus point!

Helena de Oliveira

It is a sad story written in a funny way, very clever! Love her descriptions, so vivid, making it so easy to actually see the events going on; and the characters wonderfully created, perfect to keep it with just the right amount of tragedy, emotional in a hilarious way! Made me reflect in how we take things for granted, how it can all, at any time, just slip through the fingers of an open hand, but also how it reminds us of what really matters, and how important it is to enjoy every little thing. It would absolutely make an amazing argument for a movie!

Jennette Hardman

Thought this book was well written. Read the whole book in two days could not put it down. The story was sad but very amusing and made you think about what it would be like to be looking down on your family. Looking forward to reading the other books as recommended by good to know.

Karen Brown

this is not really my favourite book now but it was when i was young and it set a pattern for books and films i love now, it was enid blyton's magic faraway tree, i read this book to my daughter when she was young

Julie Johnson

i love to read womans magazines

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