Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan - review

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Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams review

What's Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams about? Rosie Hopkins is a busy nurse and a Londoner through and through. When her mum asks if she can decamp to the country to help her elderly aunt Lilian sell her old-fashioned sweet shop, Rosie is dreading the trip. But life in the country proves anything but dull and uneventful, and then there's that sweet shop, packed full of jars containing old-fashioned treats like chocolate limes and sugar mice.

goodtoknow says: This is a warm and funny romp of a novel. Rosie and her aunt Lilian are both well-drawn characters, and we particularly liked the flashbacks to Lilian's life in WW2 and her waspish secret recipe book, extracts from which start every chapter. Fans of Colgan's last book, Meet Me at the Cupcake Cafe, will love her new novel, especially the loving descriptions of classic sweeties.

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Rating: 7/10

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Publisher: Sphere

Publish Date: Out now

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Rach A James

Welcome to Rosie Hopkins' Sweet Shop of Dreams is a great summer read! Light, bright and sunny without being too brain taxing it's definitely one to take with you on holiday. Whilst nothing out of the ordinary really for this genre of books, the characters are lovely and feisty. Flashbacks to years gone by are very believable and insightful and the storyline's definitely interesting and funny enough to carry you right the way through the book and leaving you wondering what happens to the characters next - always the sign of a good book! My only problem? Eating so much while I was reading it!!


A very enjoyable read! I loved reading Lilian's flashbacks and how they joined in with the present story at the end and I loved being reminded of sweets that I haven't thought about in years. The characters are very lovable and it isn't obvious who Rosie's love interest will be until towards the end which is good. I did cringe when reading about the stitching up of a leg but that's just me being a wimp! Very tempted to give the recipes a go!

Maria Cross

My favourite funny book is Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. I first read it when I was a child, and no matter how many times I read it, it still makes me laugh! An oldie, but a true classic!

Marianne Hill

'A Spot of Bother' by Mark Haddon. I had read 'The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time', and loved it, and then I read this which is totally different, showing how talented an author he is. It made me laugh out loud alot, and also made me cry. The characters are fantastic, and you really get pulled into the story. It's a real page turner, that I found hard to put down as I wanted to know what would happen next.

Victoria Cunniff

I have also read Sweet Shop of Dreams and adored every aspect of it. The first reason I bought the book was because I love reading Jenny Colgan books and the second was because when I was little I wanted to own a sweet shop - my Mum worked in a newsagents and I used to love going meeting her from work and watching her choose me a two ounce bag of sweets. The references to a sweet shop made the book irresistible. You once again feel at home with Jenny's characters and I have an image of what each one looks like. You feel the sense of dread felt by Rosie when she has to leave London but the story that unfolds in the countryside is so nice and quaint. The world war II flashbacks give an insight into other parts of the story but are quite short and could be more indepth? And if I was any sort of proper womanly homely cook I would be able to attack those recipes with a flourish!

Victoria Cunniff

The funniest book I've ever read was a present from my sister called 'S**t my Dad Says' it is absolutely hilarious. It was our Dad down to a T from the daft comments he came out with, to the withering tone he took with everyone. I just couldn't put it down once I started. I challenge anyone to read it and not laugh out loud. Superb book.

Carolyn Lenny

Mine is actually a childrens book called "The bravest ever bear"-my 2 kids loved it and it is very clever-turning traditional nursery rhymes and stereotypes on their head e.g the princess doesn't want to marry the prince but go to University and have a career!! Classic!

Siobhan Berry

Good omens by Terry pratchett made me laugh till I cried : )

Anita Lofts

Sex and the city. Its my favourite book and dvds. I laugh with the girls and cry with the girls and feel like i am one of the girls if i am reading the book or watching the dvds.

Annie Costa

Bridget Jones's Diary by Helen Fielding is the funniest book I've ever read.Her issue with big undies is quite funny indeed.

Karen Ross

Mine has to be the Shopaholics collection...from the moment I read the first page I identified with the character, the things she does to hide her mistakes are totally priceless..

Jane Orford

love nick hornby books especially High Fidelity ,a very wry and humerous take on relationships

Kate Bassett

My favourite laugh out loud book isn't a traditional fiction novel. It's a book of notes from flatmates to other flatmates and I cannot get through it without crying with laughter. I read it on a weekly basis as I constantly find things funny that I didn't before. The book is I Lick My Cheese by Oonagh O'Hagan :)

McClure Julie

sophie kinsellas - "Confessions of a shopoholic" read it in a day it was so funny and a real pick me up book!!!!! Iwould highly recommend it if u want a quick pick me up!!!!!


Michael McIntyre's Life and Laughing:My Story is hilarious! I can't think of any other funny books I have read! I need some reccommendations please!

Jacqueline Scully

later book to make me laught is mock the weeks is easy to read,and you can dip in to an page you like

Viv Gilbey

The early Adrian Mole books always make me laugh. So easy to read,funny to relate to and laugh at the teenage turmoils of poor Adrian!

Jeanette Purvis

Funniest book I have read was 31 Dream Stree - Lisa Jewell. I don't read many funny type of books but this book made me smile and I thouroughly enjoyed the complexity of it. I now have collected most of her books as I found them all a good read.

Brenda Oyns

The funniest book for me is My Family and other animals Ive read it several times and I still love it

Karen Williams

All Terry Pratchett books are very funny and I loved The Unadulterated Cat, Terry Pratchett and Gray Jolliffe. Bridget Jones Diary was very funny. Also very much enjoyed Sue Townsend's books, all Adrian Mole books but laughed so much at The Queen and I and Queen Camilla and Number Ten. The books that make me (as a cat lover) laugh most have been Doreen Tovey's books about her Siamese cats! Also great are Love Forty by Sue Limb and Animal Hotel by Diana Cooper.

Rebecca Mse Pawsey

i love the colour of magic by terry pratchett as i find it exceedingly funny. the characters are ones you can relate to and sends you to a magical place.

Helena de Oliveira

I have read lots of funny books. Recently read This is Where I leave You by Jonathan Tropper and must tell that I really like a book that makes me lol on the bus, no matter how many people would stare at me with the 'mad girl look' on their eyes wondering what was wrong with me, well if any of them read this comment: just relax and read the book, who knows you are lucky enough to have the same experience! ;)

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