Heart-shaped Bruise by Tanya Byrne - review

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Heart-shapped Bruise by Tanya Byrne
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What's Heart-shaped Bruise about?

Emily Koll is the most notorious inmate at Archway Young Offenders Institution. Through her secret journals, she tells her version of the events leading up to her trial - something she's not done since her arrest.

Heart-shaped Bruise is a page-turning account of how a young life can quickly go awry. Through Emily's emotive description of life with her fellow inmates, she drip-feeds the reader clues to what led to her arrest but it isn't until the book's dramatic climax that all is revealed.

goodtoknow says: We were gripped by Heart-shaped Bruise from the beginning. Emily's character so perfectly captured feelings of teenage love, angst, rage and confusion and she made for a perfect anti-heroine. Gripped by what it was that landed her in her situation, we devoured page after page in next to no time.

Heart-shaped Bruise is a great tale of how revenge can consume even the sweetest young thing. A perfect holiday read.

Rating: 8/10

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Publisher: Headline

Publish Date: Out now

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Miranda Gretten

I loved this book! I read Heart-Shaped Bruise on holiday and I couldn't put it down. I read frantically to find out Emily's secret, and loved how every session with her psychiatrist revealed a little more about her past. However, the end for me came a little abruptly. After chapters of unravelling of Emily's story, string by string, the end was suddenly upon me and it almost felt like a bit of an anti-climax. That aside, Heart-Shaped Bruise was a great summer read and I would without a doubt read more of Tanya Burne's books.

Rach A James

Heart Shaped Bruise is an absolute roller coaster of emotion and brought back vivid memories of myself as a teenager - not knowing or understanding my own moods or emotions from one minute to the next at times. The soaring highs and diving lows are covered so well in this book. All of a sudden I guessed what was going to happen and I have to admit it shocked me to the core. Logic and following thoughts through to their natural conclusion have disappeared from Emily's life completely it seems. On one hand her revenge seems cool, calm and collected and on the other full of fury and emotion. Expect yourself to swing from one emotion to another in this book and have a lump in your throat by the time it reaches its conclusion.

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