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Ada's rules by Alice Randall
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What's Ada's Rules about?

Ada is tired, overweight and too busy looking after other people to take care of herself properly. There's her husband who's a preacher, the kids at the day centre where she works, her grown-up twin girls and her elderly parents, mourning the loss of her 3 sisters. Added to that she worries that her husband is not just busy with work, but with other women too...

Then comes the turning point. She receives an invitation to her 25-year college reunion from her first love, Matt Mason, with a wink. But what will he think of her now? It's the motivation Ada needs to gain control of her life and her body. She embarks on her mission to lose pounds, gain love and get her life back on track, setting herself clear rules. The first: don't keep doing what you've always been doing. And so her journey begins.

Is her husband cheating? Will Ada cheat on Preach with Matt Mason? Will she reach her weight-loss goals? Will it change her life?

goodtoknow says: This book has a dual purpose. It's firstly a funny, soulful and easy-to-read story, but it's also a diet book. We have to confess, we initially thought a book about weight loss might be quite hard to read, but Ada's Rules proved us wrong. From the very beginning we admire Ada for all that she does so selflessly and we really want her to achieve her goals and fulfil her desires.

Each chapter brings a new weight-loss rule and where many weight-loss tips are depressing and hard to stick to, Ada's tips are interesting, uplifting and life-enhancing and that's, maybe, why they work. We follow Ada's ups and downs and her complex relationships with both her family and food and hope for a happy ending.

Will Ada reach her goals? Will losing weight change her and her life forever? If you're bored and tempted to reach for a biscuit - don't. Treat yourself to this book instead.

Rating: 8/10
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Publisher: Bloomsbury
Publish date: Out now

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Holly Harrison

I needed some help losing weight so when I read goodtoknow's review of this book I thought it might help me. I didn't think I would relate to the lead character Ada because she's married to a vicar and lives in America and has a totally different life to me, but I found that because she's a woman, like me, and trying to lose weight, like me, it was easy to identify with her. If the book had been all about her mission to lose weight I wouldn't have got through it, but because there's also the story of her marriage and the possibility of a relationship with an ex lover, it kept me hooked. The diet tips scattered through the book are really good and helped me stay focussed on my diet and I felt like we were doing it together - a virtual diet buddy! In the end, I didn't lose as much weight as her, but I did lose 8lbs :) I would recommend this book to anyone who is on a diet or thinking of going on one, but even if you're not interested in dieting, it's still a good read! Ada changed her life and this book may make you look at yours differently too and change it for the better.

Rach A James

I really wasn't all that sure about Ada's Rules when I began reading. The very thought of reading about someone else's diet made me think about eating as I was reading! However, this lovely heart warming book isn't just about a woman on a diet. It's about a woman who wants to improve her own chances of a better future and the future of her daughters too. It's about a woman who has lost sight of the important things in life, of herself and her husband. I think we can all probably say at some point in our lives we have done a similar thing herself. Whilst her diet rules won't work for all of us (though ther are some very good tips throughout the book!) perhaps it will stop some of us in our tracks, make us step back, look at our lives and go some way to making our own improvements in some small or large way. Very much recommended. Make a start on this book and remember the rule that you should see things through to their goal!

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