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What's Peaches for Monsieur Le Cure about? Vianne receives a letter from the dead, asking her to go back to Lansquenet, the village she lived in 8 years ago where she owned a chocolate shop. The community has changed beyond recognition and her old adversary, Father Reynaud, is in trouble. Is Vianne the only one who can save him?

goodtoknow says: Fans of Joanne Harris's best-selling book, Chocolat will be instantly transported back to the village where Vianne's story first began. Being back there was comforting and re-meeting previous characters felt like catching up with old friends. Joanne Harris's descriptions of food and cooking evoked powerful images and emotions, as always. But the book was so much more. It was a credible insight into the relationships within a family and also two men with completely opposing religious views. Joanne Harris builds the tension in the story slowly but surely and the outcome of the narrative wasn't in any way predictable. Well worth a read!

Rating: 8/10
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Publisher: Black Swan
Publish Date: Out now

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Helena de Oliveira

So there goes Vianne all the way from Paris to Lansquenet, and the reader all the way back to Chocolate! Vianne receives a letter from her dead friend, and again Joanne Harris shows what it is like to put senses on the words, we can smell the scents and feel the tastes… we can live the intrigue and embrace the magic. She goes back and meets the new outsiders, orders some chocolate, and we are presented with a 'two hands' story, coming with the voices of two apparently so different people, the dichotomies continue with the clash between the two leaders sort of set aside. The mystery builds into some unexpected events. Brilliant, sweet, magic, and I'm going to eat some chocolate now!

Sadie Czarnota

I'm a big fan of Joanne Harris's books so I was really excited at the prospect of reading this one. And it didn't disappoint. I loved going back to the village where Chocolat was set and had forgotten lots of the characters and details, but they came popping right back into my imagination as soon as Vianne arrived. The way Joanne Harris writes about food is just wonderful. I'd love to eat a meal she's cooked, or to watch her in the kitchen! The storyline between the two main male characters is brilliantly written. I could see life from both of their points of view, even though they differed so greatly. All in all a fabulous read and I look forward to her next book - I must try and read it more slowly next time though, to make it last longer!

Rach A James

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!! Thank you so much for putting this book in the Book Club! I really enjoyed Joanne Harris's early books but struggled a bit with The Girl With Lollipop Shoes (the second book featuring characters from Chocolat) and couldn't get on with The Blueeyedboy. I'd come to the conclusion that I may not enjoy any of her future books but this is an absolute classic! If you read, or saw, Chocolat DO read this, you won't be disappointed. SO lovely to read all those old names and catch up with the lives of the residents of Lansquenet, albeit that they aren't as harmonious as they could be. Joanne Harris has an absolutely beautiful way of writing - it seems more as if you are looking at pictures rather than reading words. She's more of an artist than an author and the magic of her words and the innocent and sweet magic in the book really will wind a spell around you. A wonderful, captivating book which had me reading late into the night, running home from work for my lunchbreak to read more and breathing a sigh of relief as I reached the end within 24 hours of starting the book. A really interesting storyline and a lovely open ending. Can't wait to lend it to my mum to read and keeping everything crossed that there will be a fourth instalment. Thank you Good To Know Book Club - I am one happy Pantoufle!

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