The Day You Saved My Life by Louise Candlish - review

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.The Day You Saved My Life By Louise Candlish

What's the book about?
When Joanna takes her depressed daughter, Holly, and her grandson, Mikey, on a trip to Paris, she intends it to open Holly's eyes to possibilities and a future. But a traumatic event and the courageous actions of a stranger change all their lives in ways she could never have imagined.

goodtoknow says:
The lead character, Joanna, is a loyal and devoted mother who in her childhood and early adulthood has a complex and difficult relationship with her parents and sister before, finally, her secret is revealed and she is banished from the family forever. Shocking! The book jumps around from future to past to fill in the blanks on the family's history so you can easily make sense of it all. It also gives clues to her relationship with her own daughter, suffering badly from post-natal depression, and Joanna's desire to make sure Holly never repeats the mistakes she made herself when she was young. So she decides to take Holly and Mikey to Paris for a change of scenery and outlook.

In Paris, their paths cross with James and Alexa who are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary and a single event involving James and Mikey alters the paths of their lives for good.

Be warned - reading bits of this book as a mother is hard. The events in Paris
make you want to hold your little ones tight and never let them go!
However, don't let this put you off reading it!

After Paris, I thought this book was going to be fairly predictable. I guessed one of the major events and wondered how the ending could be anything other than what I'd imagined. But the trip into Joanna's past kept me interested. Then suddenly, there was a major twist in the tale that left me reading into the night, with my book light clipped on while my husband snored away, just so I could race to the finish! I love a page-turner!

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Rating: 8/10

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Publisher: Sphere

Publish Date: Out now

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Hadn't picked up a book for a while since having my son. I was looking forward to getting in to a good book. It was a little predictable but this in fact made it difficult to put down, as I was eager to know what 'actually' happened in the end. The undercurrent story line of the mother, Joanna, made her character really likable regardless of how she could be perceived because of her actions in her past. The descriptions of the various locations were well written. She really took me back to my days of living in London and reminded me of colleagues and old friends. Throughout the book my feelings about Alexa changed ranging from liking her, dislike as well as pity. Her final actions were a big surprise not sure I could have dealt with the situation in the same way. Overall, it was a good book, it managed to touch most emotions at some point and the journey of going to the past made it an interesting and effortless read. I would recommend it.

Marianne Hill

I initially came to this book through reading the review on the GTK book club as it had linked it to Emilya Hall's Book of Summers which I have recently read and enjoyed. However, I almost didn't read it because the review had said that it could be a difficult read if you are a parent. I get easily upset by such things, and imagine myself and my children in similar situations. But a girl can not live on fluffy chick lit alone, and I strongly believe that our reading should challenge us and take us out of our comfort zones at times. So I read the book and am so pleased I did! From the beginning I was hooked and I became quite engrossed in the characters. The story wasn't predictable, which is always such a let down when you have invested time in a book. Yes, some bits were difficult to read, but I was so impressed with the storytelling and the twists that I would definitely recommend this to anybody. Louise Candlish has instantly become one of my favourite authors and I can't wait to seek out more of her novels. She is an author worthy of your invested time!

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