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Miranda Hart Is It Just Me book review
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What's Is It Just Me about?

Miranda shares her struggle with awkward experiences in her life in a humorous book following on from the famous Miranda TV series. Speaking to her 18-year-old self on and off in her book, she explains how her life has turned out to her younger self. Her adulthood remains pretty much unchanged. Still facing unexpected horrors, peculiar lack of physical coordination and sometimes unexplained nudity, she somehow manages to keep her head held high through life. All is revealed on how Miranda deals with such embarrassing situations.



goodtoknow says:

Miranda's character shines through in this book. It's funny how you suddenly get into Miranda mode as soon as you pick the book up. I honestly found myself reading every line in her voice, unable to kick the habit. Miranda's ‘miranual' explores all the silly things each and every one of us has come across in our lives. The need to act a certain way to be ‘normal' is completely banished in this book. All sorts of topics, or rather situations, are covered, so if you find yourself in some sort of trouble, go read the book and seek help. Being able to identify yourself with Miranda makes this an enjoyable read.


Rating: 9/10
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publish date: Out now

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Jenny Rayner

Great book, what I call "an enjoyable read"! Like goodtoknow I found myself reading it with Miranda's voice and actions in my head! It was very funny, you can see where a lot of the material for her show came from, and it made me stop and look at my life to see if I had any similar experiences (think I missed out on the Arctic Roll experience!).

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