Thousands sent to wrong charity in #nomakeupselfie donation error!

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No make-up selfie

You can't have missed it. Social media has gone selfie crazy in the last week! But this time, it was without make-up and all for a good cause, after a cancer awareness campaign went viral. We bet if we'd told you last week that selfies could raise over £8 million in just six days for Cancer Research, you wouldn't have believed us. But that's exactly what's happened!


It seems there was a mix up in donations though, as those texting 'DONATE' rather than 'BEAT' found their money sent to the wrong charity. Unicef told the BBC today that so far £18,625 has been identified as being accidentally pledged, but that it was now working with Cancer Research UK to transfer the funds donated so they can be used as intended. 


In a statement released last week Carolan Davidge, director of communications at Cancer Research UK, explained her surprise and gratitude for a campaign that wasn't even started by them! 'Thanks to people choosing to donate to us as part of the #nomakeupselfie trend, we've been overwhelmed with donations and support in the past 48 hours. We've raised over £2m so far, and the #nomakeupselfie is still going strong! The trend isn't something Cancer Research UK started so it's been fantastic to see so many people getting involved and wanting to use their selfie to raise money for our life-saving research.


And today, following the news that the selfie-taking trend has raised over £8 million in just six days, Dr Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, has also voiced his appreciation. 'We've been overwhelmed by the support people have been showing us through the #nomakeupselfie trend. We don't receive any government funding for our research and so it's phenomenal to think that the generosity of the public is enabling us to fund critical research that we didn't have the money for six days ago. Being able to fund more trials will bring forward the day when all cancers are cured.


'It's been an exciting week, and we'd just like to thank everyone again for their support.' 


You're bound to have seen it all over your Facebook or Twitter feed - selfie after selfie of make-up-free ladies posting pics to rise awareness for cancer and donate money for the cause.

And even the celebs got involved! Former I'm A Celeb contestant Amy Willerton posted this slap-free picture of her in the bath to her Twitter with the caption '#NoMakeUpSelfieForCancer #CancerAwareness from the bath tub!'



And Kerry Katona's got involved too, posting her own make-up free pic to her Twitter.



While we 100% support any campaign that aims to raise more awareness and money for cancer, some couldn't help but think that the message became a little lost. Many have criticised those who've taken to their social pages to post pictures of themselves without information about their donation or how others can donate, some without any comment linking the picture to the important campaign at all, leading to a backlash with those who believe the campaign is going as far as to trivialise the devastating effects of cancer for sufferers.

That said, since last week, the 'no make-up selfie' trend has helped charity Cancer Research UK raise more than £8 million in six days, which isn't to be sniffed it!

Whether you're opposed to the selfie campaign or can't wait to bare all, what's important is that we remember to donate what we can to this important campaign and any other cause that's important to us.

If you want to donate then simply text ‘BEAT' to 70099 to donate £3, and don't forget to share this info with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers if you do decide to post your own slap-free selfie!

What do you think about the campaign? Do you think some people have missed the point or do you think any awareness is better than none at all? Leave us your comments below!

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Debs Taylor

I'm a little amazed at UNICEF, requesting a mere £18,000 and odd back from Cancer Research. Unicef is and has always been one of the most given charities, why not just donate it to Cancer Research themselves and be Charitable.

Martha Smith

Yeah people do need to put an explanation with their photo and not assume everyone knows what its about. I just got my sisters pic with no make up and the words I nominate and a list of people me included, so I said nominated for what!. She just wrote no make up selfie for breast cancer. Three messages from me going back and forth I still havent had info on how this raises money for cancer she still hasn't said donate here and a link, still would be none the wiser if I hadn't come across this article. Thing is I very rarely wear make up, should I do the reverse and make myself up as tarty as I can and post that? I asked my sister that and she said that men prefer women without make up, I said what the devil is everyone doing plastering themselves in make up then, whats the point!.

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