How to make your own multi-purpose cleaning spray

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Homemade multi-purpose cleaning spray

What you will need

  • A spray bottle (try to reuse an old one)
  • 100ml white distilled vinegar (£1.25 Co-op for 568ml)
  • Water
  • 1/4 teaspoon of washing up liquid (59p Morrisons for 450ml) 
  • Jug to mix the solution

Making your own cleaning products can be cheaper and kinder to the environment.

The cost of buying cleaning products can really add up and the best thing is that we bet you have most of these items lying around in your cupboards at home.

If you don't have any of the ingredients then you can pick them up at your local shop for less than £2.

This might seem expensive when you can pick up a similar product in a supermarket for less than £1.

But we're sure that you'll have the ingredients in your kitchen already, plus you can make them stretch to other cooking and cleaning chores.

Top Tip: Add 10 drops of your favourite essential oil if you want to avoid an overpowering vinegar smell around the home. We love lemon or lavender - you can even try mixing them to create your own unique combination.

Note: This spray is multi-purpose by name and nature so can be used to clean most things in the home but always do a spot test on a surface before cleaning it for the first time.


Step 1

Gather all the items you need and clear a space in the kitchen ready to make your homemade cleaning product.

Step 2

Pour 100ml of white distilled vinegar into a jug.

Step 3

Add 200ml of cold water to the jug.

Step 4

Add a 1/4 of a teaspoon of washing up liquid to the mixture and pour into an empty and clean spray bottle.

Step 5

Shake! And you're ready to go.

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Thanks to Morrisons, Co-op, Dr. Oetker, Boots and Holland & Barrett for supplying items used in the spring cleaning article series.

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Tesco's own white vinegar is only 46p :) Oh and the vinegar smell will not last long, I use 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water to make a shower spray. I use white vinegar as a antibacterial for all surfaces. So much cheaper and better for the enviorment. white vinegar and baking powder for cleaning carpets, pour vinegar on first then sprinkle baking powder on top, cover with kitchen towel and leave until dry hoover up job done :)


Use some bicarb instead of the Washing up liquid. Put it in a shaker and put on item to be cleaned, then spray with the Vinegar. Test first. Very cheap.


£1.84 that seems expensive when you can buy cleaning sprays for 59p that work.

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