24 mind-numbing questions that will run through your head in bed tonight (#9 will make you want to weep)

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Finally! You've been running around like a deranged person all day long and now it's finally time to get into bed and relax.


Except, oh wait, what's that? Your head has hit the pillow and NOW it's time to go over absolutely every single teensy question you could possibly think of?


Oh excellent. Well done brain.


Please tell us we're not the only ones with such mind-numbing, insanity-inducing and downright depressing questions on our minds when we're trying to get some kip...


1. Shall I change my alarm for the morning? A whole extra two minutes will make the world of difference, won't it?


2. I really should start making lists about the things I need to make lists about.


3. I wish I hadn't eaten the kids' dinner as well as mine. I wonder how many extra calories that was?


4. What's the last possible day I can start dieting in time to get into that black dress for Christmas? I feel like a couple of days before is doable (oh but wait, mince pies... )


5. Did I leave the bins out?


6. Did he leave the bins out?


7. Will social services cart me off if I fed them McDonald's and oven pizza in one week?


8. How much Frozen is too much Frozen?


9. What in God's name are we going to have for dessert on Christmas Day? (Christmas Day is 55 days away)


10. Maybe I should get up and do some sit-ups?


11. I wonder if I'd wake anyone up if I Hoovered really quickly?


12. I really hope I turned the oven off. Did I turn the oven off? I must have.


13. Is football, dancing, Stagecoach and karate enough after school activities? Better sign them up to a couple more.


14. Did I pay the milkman? Oh god, he'll be bad mouthing us around the whole town by morning.


15. Where on earth did I put the kids' PE kit? And what sort of state is it in?


16. Will I have time to pick the kids up from football and make lunch in time for mum coming round on Saturday?


17. How did 'Enders Dirty Den die originally and how did they explain him coming back? Did he die again?


18. Can Cheryl Cole really be that skinny? Or does she eat nothing but carrots and coconut water and dance all day?


19. Is it just the internet bill to pay now or water bill too? Oh please let it just be internet...


20. What's left in the fridge that will do for dinner tomorrow?


21. I have some carrots in the fridge and they sell coconut water in Sainsbury's now, I could definitely dance around the house a bit for that Cheryl bod... ?


22. Cheese, some tomato puree and half a punnet of mushrooms - add in whatever pasta is in the cupboard and that's pretty much a spag bol, isn't it?


23. Are hold in pants allowed to move into your everyday underwear drawer, or are they strictly for special occasions?


24. If I just stopped picking up his pants where he left them, would he eventually get the message or would we be sleeping in a pile of pants right now?

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