David Beckham and James Corden STRIP for hilarious spoof video!

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David Beckham and James Corden

At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking this was another one of Mr Beckham's (rather dreamy) underwear-clad advertising campaigns.

It's all there - the moody looks, the sexy black and white background, the, err, lack of anything other than a pair of tight white pants!?

But then, on further inspection, is that... ? Yes, it is in fact James Corden, also half naked, smouldering alongside David.

The friends were seen in their boxers in a fake advertising campaign for 'D&J underwear', a spoof they created for James' new American programme The
Late Late Show, and it is well worth a watch (we particularly enjoyed Mr Corden's aerobic attempts at the end... check out the video below to see what happens!)

So far so good: David in his usual sulty pose

Hang on a second... who's this that's joining him half-naked? James bares all!

See the full video in all its bare-chested glory:

Continued below...

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